Over the years, representatives of companies, friends and relatives locally and in the diaspora, would contact by mail and phone call and to ask “…Oh Jude, what businesses are profitable that we can bring money to invest or run? These calls from prospective investors got to the peak when many saw the CEO (Chartered management Consultant Mr. Jude Asante hosting a number of business personalities on the National Television (GTV-life on the program – EXPECTATIONS) on a number of business and investment related topics. The confidence these callers reposed in the CEO by asking him to advise them on profitable business investments, challenged him to undertake a lot of  market and business surveys to identify most successful businesses for recommendation to prospective investors and also to prepare him adequately to host business experts on television interview programmes on business and investment topics.

All these experiences and knowledge of the past in business and investment management have motivated the Chief Executive Officer to team up with a number of experienced personalities in various business industries to form this company called YouSort World to come up with business portfolios to be exploited in economies of Africa, connecting potential investors on board to build.

The why and concept of YouSort World, is to have an “All in One” business connection, for business establishment, investment, partnership, consultancy and management, aimed for a collective business and company expansion across the globe. YouSort, building businesses around the world; a world of business possibilities.

Do you have money and want to go into business with it?  If yes, then you are at the right place at the right time with YouSort World. We also have a great lucrative and sustainable businesses ready for exploit in the economy of Ghana. YouSort World has a well-researched business portfolios which will suite your investment adoption.

We work around with in-depth business arithmetic to get businesses ready and connect you as an investor or business partner, into any of our portfolios you sort for. Which with our expertise and business research, find as leading profitable business portfolios in the economy of Ghana, sustainable, and lucrative.

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