YouSort World Company Limited

YouSort World is a business and service variety company, registered under the laws of Ghana. We search through the economy of Ghana to find lucrative and sustainable business opportunities and establish them. YouSort World Ltd is where investors and partners come to sort any of the company’s services for engagement, and business portfolios for establishment through set financing and partnership modules, for business establishment, and expansion. Upon years of running business and services in Africa, we have understood exploiting the business side of the continent better. YouSort World embarks on business research, scouting, consultancy and establishment of found businesses (portfolios) in joint with investors and partners for a shared success. It is said that most African countries are developing nations which in a business analytical view, also means there is a huge business that can be exploited for wealth and job creation. This espouses YouSort World to embarking on continuous business research into economies to fish-out business ventures that are lucrative, long-lasting, and sustainable. These found businesses, are then blocked into portfolios and get them established and managed for shared success with investors and partners.

YouSort World is a multi-packed experienced and proficient professionals, academicians, and entrepreneurs brought together to employ whatever skill, passion, knowledge, and experience to ensure success, and achieving the company’s vision for stakeholders.  And based on expert and professional business analysis, these business opportunities are captured into portfolios. Investors and individuals/companies around the world are then invited to sort on their own preference, entreated to invest in any of these business blocks (portfolios), thus exploiting these found businesses for shared business success. YouSort World creates business ventures for investors and partners and reciprocally welcome businesses of other companies from other continents for shared success. YouSort World, building businesses around the world, wherever, wherever; a world of business possibilities!

The company started as “Global Entrepreneurs Hub Limited” where a bigger platform was set for all entrepreneurs, products, and services. Thus bringing entrepreneurs all over the globe together for business. It over the years started with a single portfolio as “Business Development and Strategic Management Consultancy” which was providing business ideas and consultancy to entrepreneurs and companies. In consideration to business advancement and experienced gathered over the years of operation, the company has been rebranded to widen the company’s business net to make investors and partners in the diaspora who wants to do business around the world but lack what kind of business to do. YouSort World comes in to provide businesses which are lucrative and sustainable for a shared success. YouSort World brings a lot of businesses (portfolios) for investors to sort and partner with the company to run it.  YouSort World has all needed capacity to exploit the business side of Africa for great returns for partners and investors.

YouSort World has provided several Business Knowledge, Smart Business Strategies, Business Development, Foreign Market Entry Strategies and Investment Consultancy to both local and international individuals, groups, and startups. The company has a very bright future for you as an individual, company or business in the economy of Ghana and West Africa at large. YouSort World is growing to be the center for proficient business portfolio management, investment and partnership, and business consultancy in the African continent.

Mission Statement


To research, and establish lucrative and sustainable businesses. Exploiting various economies with businesses; not leaving behind any fortune.



To become a world desired company known for lucrative and sustainable business creation, exploiting the business side of Africa.

Values & Principles


Our Values are the way we consistently achieve our Mission.

  • – Involving partners/shareholders throughout our business establishment and service delivery
  • – Be passionate and determined to succeed against all odds
  • – Treat partners’ feedback with utmost consideration
  • – Integrity, honesty, and reliability in service delivery
  • – Being efficient in operations and other areas of the business
  • – Working together in harmony as a team and cultivating a team spirit
  • – Customer centered: doing our best, striving to understand the needs and preferences of our customers and superseding their expectations
  • – Be reliable and communicate effectively to win more market

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